Monday, April 16, 2012

portrait lighting.

broad lighting:

short lighting:

rembrandt lighting:

loop lighting:

butterfly lighting:

split (or side) lighting:


Wednesday, March 28, 2012

uvu art show baby.

i got in! this was my first time ever entering the uvu art show and i made it. i was shocked to say the least. i entered because we get extra credit in one of my art classes & if we made it we didn't have to do one of the projects. needless to say, i was super excited when i saw my name on the list!

this series of photos is from the opening reception of the show. there were AMAZING pieces in this show and i would highly recommend checking it out.

ps. i got in the top 10 & won myself $75. holla!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

two cool guys.

this week we did portraits. trying to capture someone's personality is really hard to do when they think they should be posing and getting "ready" for a picture. i don't like taking posed photos because i feel like it loses a lot of personality. but here's what i got:

{my handsome brother}

{a studly stranger}

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

photo challenge.

i'm not very good with this photo challenge obviously. but here is #12:

inside my closet.

{some coats & dresses}

portraits of me.

i usually am not awkward in front of a camera. people usually tell me how i am super photogenic and stuff like that. not this time around folks. i'm more of a candid person and having to do planned photos of myself was really really really difficult. anyways, here are my top picks for my self-portrait (this weeks photo assignment).

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

tips of the day.

have you ever opened your mascara and it is sorta dry? or your favorite nail polish is getting a little to thick to go on smoothly? here are a couple really useful tips that i find myself turning to now and again to help me out with those two little irritating facts of life.

the other day i bought a new mascara. it was fine for a few days and then it started going on really clumpy and would dry all crumbly and wouldn't look good. stupid right? i had JUST bought it. well i remembered haylie, my cute former roomie {who knows her makeup}, telling me that you can add a couple drops of water and it will thin it right out. who knew!? i tried it out yesterday and it was pure magic i tell you.

you know how when you're really excited to paint your nails your favorite polish color? and then you open it and it is super thick and gooey? a little trick i learned is to put a few drops of your nail polish remover into the nail polish and shake it up really well. this will break down the polish and make it go on smoothly. ask my old roomies, we did it all the time and it works.

*these may not be the most orthodox solutions, but they work for me in real life. also, i have been reading up on adding water to mascara and some say it's not such a great idea for everyday, but if you are in need of "like-new" mascara right away and you don't have the time or money to go grab a new one, you should be fine with this method. it works for me & i'm still alive. {all images are from google}